Emotional tips 2

Hmmm. In this wonderful season I see love flowing in the air, no doubt you would need some of my emotional tips you could send to that special person in your life. 
Here it goes:

The sun is the king of the sky by day. The moon is the queen of the sky by night but you are my sun and moon everyday at anytime, and I am the sky you rule...

My love! U are my heart
My mirror! In u I see our future
My shelter! I find rest in your arms
My honey pie! You make my life so sweet...

Sometimes when I see a dangerous enemy my heart beats fast cos u don't want to lose the fight but anytime I see u my heart beats faster but this time is different that's because I don't want to loose you...

My love, if only I knew you long ago that you are the one for me. I would have carries a micro phone and stand on he highest mountain to call your name.
Life was meaningless without u....


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