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Mercy Aigbe Rocks The $10,000Chanel Lego Clutch

Pretty Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe stepped out
recently rocking a yellow chanel lego clutch. She has got a great fashion sense I must say.

15 things a successful relationship have in common...

Let me share with you guys 15 things every successful relationship have in common.

 1. "Chemistry, common interests, mutual respect and great communication."

2. "Trying new things together, whether it's traveling, eating, reading, or getting creative in the sack."

3. "Keeping your vows and still choosing to believe that he/she hung the moon."

4. "Both people wanting the relationship enough to work at it.

5. "Caring more for the other person than yourself."

Woman cuts her husband's penis in Lagos

The picture above is that of Mrs. Bimbo Ajetumobi Daniju and her husband. she was arrested for cutting her husband's penis with knife.

Emotional tips 2

Hmmm. In this wonderful season I see love flowing in the air, no doubt you would need some of my emotional tips you could send to that special person in your life.
Here it goes:

Couple arrested after getting married unclad.

I wonder what this world is turning into. This couple were arrested on their wedding day as they tie the nuptial knot unclad on the street to campaign against San Francisco's ban on public indecency. The bride Gypsy Taub, 44, and groom Jamyz Smith, 20 were arrested within a few minutes after they exchanged vows. The bride said: 'This is a protest against the indecency ban as much as it is a wedding. I know that the people of San Francisco are behind me.'

Merry xmas

Merry Xmas to you my dear blog readers...wishing you all a life of fulfillment and accomplishments. May we meet 2014 in good health by God's grace...

Guess what!

I'm back here...

It's been a while I kept mute but I apologise once again. You know in life there are times motivation slumps and inspiration dries up, moments when one feels depressed and also when one feels great and high about writing. Let's say that's what happened but I have to get myself back saying "Dayo, you need to ride on".

It's been my passion and I feel fulfilled about what I am doing though minor challenges happens but I tell myself, I've got to be a source of motivation to others so I've got to be strong myself, I won't let things around me get me depressed and lastly I haven't given you enough of what I have up my sleeve so I really need to work more harder and clear the grass of tight schedule or depression so I land at my canaan land on this blog.

Hope you did miss me *winks* anyway exclusive tins is back here to stay for real this time...
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Season greetings to you....

Welcome dear reader to the exciting month of 'the feast of light'. Right now on the streets of Lagos all I see is beautiful Christmas decorations. All I wanna say right now is thanks to the Almighty for keeping us this far to watch as the year 2013 rolls it's boat off and as we jump into 2014 may God keep u, me and all our loved ones...

December is always an exciting moment to share love and ask God to grant us all out heart desires. I know He's sent angels to throw wonderful gifts to us...

Toke Makiwa at Corporate Elite Event

What do you think of this outfit? She wore it last night to corporate elite events. To me she looks gorgeous....

it hurts....but he's got to go!!!

Sweet ladies in da house! This is one topic I have always loved to share because we ladies are too precious to be treated like dogs and it's time to get ourselves treated like the queen we are.
Let's get talking now... Have u ever loved a guy so badly that you can do anything to keep a huge smile on his face. You made a lot of sacrifices and even went as far as giving away your pride as a woman thinking that would make him stick to you but at the end he does so many hurting things and humilates you so badly and all you can do is crying and begging 4 his love. "Na wa 4 u sha, you just don't know your worth o"