EMOTIONAL: Story of a lonely lass

Has I walked through the sea shore thinking about my lonely life as usual, I saw lovers running around and saying sweet stuffs to themselves. I held my breath a bit and held my tears from flowing and as I walked slowly. The wind blew up my short maxist glown exposing my glowing skin to everyone around as the sun shone upon it more, and I tried to hold the glown but still the wind blew it more and more...
I kept walking through the shore, the evening was cool as winter and the sky was blue black. The lovers around where now fewer; as the waves moved closer, fear gripped me, it reminded me how I lost kassie to this same deadly ocean. I had vowed never to be a friend to the sea again but it seems whenever I came it kept reminding me of my past. I always thought I would see him come out of the wave to say hello baby, I miss you...
I looked around but never saw any sign of him. I sank my feet deep into the lovely white sand and then sat to write sad stories of heartbreaks, pains, tears, loneliness and more of life's cruelty as I watched the waves. The palms trees around where whispering to me sweet songs as beautiful as the nightingale sings and I gave it a sad smile.

The night was so dark now and so the deadly wave dangerously race towards me. I stood up quickly to move back home..
Behold, someone stepped on my feet and grabbed my waist, pressing his lips against mine. I felt like I was in venus and loving this sweet feeling I have long missed..then the palms whispered again to my ears "dear Diana, remember", I quickly pushed him off, he was one man of a kind who deluded me. I still wanted more of him but I held myself and remembered temmies words, "shake him off, you've got class". I said to myself although I am lonely, never again can a man deceive and tamper with my heart.
Hot tears flew down my cheeks as I ran back to my lonely world, off the sea, out of his present, back to my dear bed to have a sound goodnight sleep.
Maybe the mourning will bring unto me another chance to smile...


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