My First Kiss...

 I am so happy to be back here again after been engaged for so long.

My First kiss.....That night I was alone in my room. I had switched off the light and opened the windows, I loved it how the gentle breeze surged through getting itself saturate in my room. It was becoming so cold that I had to bury myself in my duvet. I just lay under it feeling so bored and alone then I remenbered something. I hurried to my wardrobe to get my earpiece then headed back to my lovely bed, covering myself again. As I fixed my earpiece I tune to the radio station and I got so enchanted once again listening to that very old time special song by Westlife "Queen of my heart" I smiled letting my heart take me back to the streets of time. I remembered my first kiss and then decided to share this interesting topic with you. It isn't specifically about my first kiss so don't get it twisted. It's generally about first kisses....

Have you ever wondered what's so special about first kisses, I keep asking myself that question too. Seems it always taste lovely right!  Well not so for every one but I will still say first kiss is beautiful and unforgettable most times although I agree it may be horrible at times..

I got thinking about it actually and now I can say what makes first kisses so special is because it's the first of it's kind and one thing I also noticed is that most times it happened at the teenage age when the guy or babe may be so naive about it. It seems the teenage age is when love and emotions are at it's peak, people get more intoxicated about love matters then but unfortunately we always called it puppy love because in the actual sense there was a lower level of understanding at that time and the so called love was actually  either lust, infatuation, obsession or rebound and wasn't actually true love. At this age people get so carried away and make mistakes.
Now as time goes by the feelings about love diminishes by most people maybe due to heartbreaks, pains or hustles of life but nevertheless love is still as sweet as ever and so shouldn't be given up on because it still exist though rare. All we need is prayers, been watchful and then learn how to play the cards very well *winks

Let's get back to the topic of the day "MY FIRST KISS". I am gonna mention 3 different experiences to you so you can guess which was mine. You know back then puppy love was sweet too *winks*

1st kiss one: it was on our way back from a friend's place and we just got arguing about something. I was getting pissed so i tried walking out on him. He suddenly pulled me back from behind grabbing my waist and as i turned around I felt his lips on mine. I couldn't but kept blushing for the rest of the day...I was just 18 then.

1st kiss two:  I was 13 then and used to have him around me. I liked him really much. It was an evening lesson and he had waited for me outside until the lesson was over. As we walked down the streets we joked about a lot of things. Finally when we got close to my house he told me to wait for a moment and then asked that I close my eyes. I was reluctant at first but later I did. Something cold pressed against my lips and it saturated itself like electricity, was a different but nice feeling and I was naive so I just pushed him off softly as we both kept starring with smiles.we kept on turning back as we both parted ways. Let me just call that a gentle kiss because i didn't respond that day.

First kiss, three: I was very good at acting then, we had to perform a day after. It was during rehearsal, a party scene. i just couldn't believe when Dave kissed me hard. Everyone was shouting and got me abashed. I actually pushed him off and almost slapped him. Imagine that. It was a horrible first kiss...

No mind me, all na wash jare!!! just a way of catching fun you know and been emotional by making you reflect back to your love life too. .but I hope you didn't mind me talking you down memory lane. Sorry if yours wasn't all that good but smile all the same for the beautiful days ahead....

I just wanted us to relax and get a bit emotional here and I don't mind you sharing yours here by dropping a comment. It could be quite interesting you know...


  1. nice write-up..........u'll definitely go places


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