My apology goes to all my faithful readers and loved ones, am so sorry this is coming late. The whole day was occupied and I had to work on some things.

Exclusive tins want to inform you all you should always look out for on a weekly basis:

Sundays: gist, gossip and general issues of life..expect anything on sundays

Mondays: beauty and fashion tips

Tuesdays: love and emotional tips

Wednesdays: Relationships and motivational talk

Thursdays: gist, gossip, and general issues of life

Fridays: love and emotional stuffs

Saturdays: fiction, fashion and beauty

Keep checking on this blog and also endeavour to drop your comments so I can be assured I am putting a smile on that pretty face of yours. I need your constructive criticism and please tell me kudos when I get it right by posting a comment so I can be encouraged and assured

I am still doing some administrative work for now so things can work perfectly, there might not be any post between now and saturday so please endure with me..

Yours sincerely....


  1. Good job n Nice posts frm Exclusivetins


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