RELATIONSHIP: When you have to let go of her!

Have this ever happened to you before? You showered her with so much love and affection, made her feel like the princess of earth, got her lots of gifts, and you could do anything just to make her happy. Finally, she made you feel stupid and then you are crying like a baby doll...

Well I know many guys out there will say, 'why would he cry, isn't he a man?' He is truly a man and crying doesn't make him less man enough for your information so stop saying that! He is shedding those tears because he's got so used to her that he can't just imagine the future without her. On the other hand, maybe you are a very strong guy who can hold yourself together, you felt bad about the heart break but you're still trying to make her come back...This write up is for you.

I have heard a lot of stories about how ladies treat guys and like wise how guys treat ladies. You date her because you just want to have sex with her, you want to humiliate her, you had a bet on her maybe because she is a hard to get lady or you date her just because her father is a rich man and you think you can tap from it.

For the ladies you date him just because of money with the intentions of dumping him. This write up is also for you.

I am not saying am a perfect lady, in fact, no one is perfect so permit me to go on. It's a lesson and it's going to be of great benefit to me, you, and every other woman and man out there!

She thinks she can just walk into your life and walk away like that...well this isn't a kind of motivation for the play boys and girls out there. I am talking to the good gentle and caring boys in the house who have been heart broken in spite of been faithful and true, but she broke up with them just like that.

What prompted me to write this is because of a male friend of mine, he really cried and we spoke at length, I understood how he felt. This is the reason I decided to share this with you.

Before now there have been cheats and wicked people all around so that will be really difficult to change them, who am I change them except God!

Will I tell a guy or babe not to love? Of course that isn't possible, in fact, love is too sweet not to be felt and everyone deserves it. I can't also tell him not to give his heart to a lady because the heart needs to be cared for but one thing I will say is "WHEN YOU HAVE TO LET GO OF HER". This I mean, the time you have to cheer up, wipe those tears and pains she caused you and then move ahead...

Now, my message to the guys, if a lady you loved treated you so badly I can't say you shouldn't cry or feel sad, but remember you are a man and have to put yourself together. Yes try to make her understand how you really feel about her but if she just can't love you back please let her go!

She isn't made of gold now..."abeg, make she waka"

Don't break yourself down or kill yourself because she is gone...there's a woman out there that will love you and never do the same thing she did, all you need is only patience and been watchful and prayerful...

        5 things to do to get over her:
1. Hang out with your friends, you really
     need to go out!
2. Do the things you always love doing
3. Believe there is a better woman out
    there and that she wasn't for you in the
    first place
4. Remember behind ever disappointment
     Is a blessing
5. Remember you are a man, you need to
     be strong so please cheer up!

Lastly, this time around always define your relationship, know what you both are in for but please never you stop been the good guy you've always been and don't take to vengeance, a true woman would find you...

My next wrte up is a poem "cry of the play girl at night"
It's dedicated to all the good guy's out there and a lesson to the play girls. Also I will give a write up on 'don't be in a rush into a relationship"


  1. Y let go of her nw? It shld b abt guys too.nice 1 luv *bighug*

  2. Well Temi, truth is, i can relate to this post a lot. Lets just say I am the kinda guy that always got hurt. You know, the one who loves too much, cares too much and could give his heart to make a girl smile. But now, i don't do so anymore. I just gave up on love, to me its but a fairy tale.

    Nice blog, you write a lot about love, and i hate that I don't believe in it much :(, but i will stay around your blog for a while. You are one of the most sincere bloggers i know. Cheers Bubba. Udo

  3. Awww so sorry about how you had been treated. It's so true and I knw how it feels. There were moments I too was also giving up on love but I realised I shouldn't.

    Love is great when you meet the right person and am sure you will believe in it again. Cheers!

  4. I doubt that Bubba. I have Given up on love. Right now, I am taking life as it comes. You know, it baffles me as to how ladies leave the Love kinda guy, for the shag and run kinda guy. Its beyond me. Well, no man can ever understand the female mind. Cheers Bubba.


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