POETRY: Cries of the play girl at Night:

Let love blow one last whistle
Oh nature hear my cry
I met him complete but left him heartbroken
He gave me all he had but I took it and off to my heels
Love sang several times but I was blinded to mystery
Like a cray pot I am now broken

Let love blow one last whistle
And see me running to it's direction
My heart is so devastated with no more joy
No more picking penny when the gate is almost closed,
Like a clay pot I am now broken

Let love blow one last whistle
For nature I am your child
Bring me back joy for a mother will always love her child
Oh yea gates be opened once again, for I am done with picking penny
For there is no more sound of love calling me
Like a clay pot fallen, I am now broken beyound repair....


  1. Go girl, I belive in you, this is a good job you're doing oo. Don't be discourgaged just ride on and let me advise try and make your friends aware and let them comment also so you can be more encourged ok also make this blog knwn in fb,twitter etc because it's going to be an interesting one for people. As for me I will tell you your are too much luv and this is a lovely write up.kudos

  2. Awww thanks so much, may God bless u! Just that u commented as an anonymous but I'm sure you must be some1 who knws me well. Thnks all the same


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