The mystery of life!!

As a teenager I was so crazy about love, I had inspiration, I loved literary works like been a presenter, an actress and a writer.

I'm an accountant today but my passion never died, something I have long dreamt for is falling into reality, this is a sweet and wonderful opportunity to show the world my passion, feelings, findings and more in this exclusive world of mine...

I had a lot of poems, fiction, articles about love, life, nature and more...but love was more, that's what kept rolling through my head than any other and I just couldn't look my dad in the face and tell him I want to be a love writer. Lolzz
I was a teenager then and I had to be reading really hard and not talking about love...he just wouldn't wanna hear that...

I made my world today, exclusive tins is my own precious and golden world so please join me here also as we journey through and have wonderful things...

Now let me thrill you with a little from my heart, one of the poems I composed a long time ago, it's about life...this time not love *winks..

The mystery of life:
Life is a journey in the dark
The greatest adventure mortals face
So many invisible pit holes lays on ground
Only the watchful stands...
Why is life full of shadows and deceit?
This makes me wanna cry
Weep off your tears a voice calls from behind
For all you need do is put your hands in mine
And I lead you through your life's journey
For ahead is a planet of ROSES
After this very journey called LIFE


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