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If you check my personal profile you will see "Message In A Bottle". That is one of the most emotional novels I ever read back then in my secondary school..It was a tragedy and I cried like a baby doll when I finished reading it. Right now on this blog I want to share with you a part of that novel I had kept for so long in my special book it was a poetic letter written to a dead lover. Enjoy it!

I miss you my darling as I always do,
but today is specially hard
because the ocean has been singing to me
and the song is that of our life together...
I can always feel you around me as I write to you,
I can smell the scent of wild flowers
that reminds me of you,
I saw you on the pier near wrightville beach
The wind was blowing through your hair
And your eyes held the fading sun
I am stuck as I see you leaning against the rail
You are beautiful my love...
I slowly began to work towards you,
And you finally turned to me,
I noticed that others where watching me
As you smiled to me...
I simply raised my hands to touch your check,
You titt your head and closed your eyes
And then I found out you were no were
But it was just an imagination

Adapted from: "Message in a Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks


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