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My apology goes to all my faithful readers and loved ones, am so sorry this is coming late. The whole day was occupied and I had to work on some things.

Exclusive tins want to inform you all you should always look out for on a weekly basis:

POETRY: Cries of the play girl at Night:

Let love blow one last whistle
Oh nature hear my cry
I met him complete but left him heartbroken
He gave me all he had but I took it and off to my heels
Love sang several times but I was blinded to mystery
Like a cray pot I am now broken

Let love blow one last whistle
And see me running to it's direction
My heart is so devastated with no more joy
No more picking penny when the gate is almost closed,
Like a clay pot I am now broken

RELATIONSHIP: When you have to let go of her!

Have this ever happened to you before? You showered her with so much love and affection, made her feel like the princess of earth, got her lots of gifts, and you could do anything just to make her happy. Finally, she made you feel stupid and then you are crying like a baby doll...

Well I know many guys out there will say, 'why would he cry, isn't he a man?' He is truly a man and crying doesn't make him less man enough for your information so stop saying that! He is shedding those tears because he's got so used to her that he can't just imagine the future without her. On the other hand, maybe you are a very strong guy who can hold yourself together, you felt bad about the heart break but you're still trying to make her come back...This write up is for you.

I have heard a lot of stories about how ladies treat guys and like wise how guys treat ladies. You date her because you just want to have sex with her, you want to humiliate her, you had a bet on her may…


Hello dolls,

If you check my personal profile you will see "Message In A Bottle". That is one of the most emotional novels I ever read back then in my secondary school..It was a tragedy and I cried like a baby doll when I finished reading it. Right now on this blog I want to share with you a part of that novel I had kept for so long in my special book it was a poetic letter written to a dead lover. Enjoy it!


Love is not a music
Dat gives a last beat
Love is not a race
Dat ends
Love is not food
Dat gets finished
Love is not a flower
Dat dies with time
Love is not material
Dat diminishes
Love is the heartbeat
Dat never stops drumming
Honey, every beat of my heart
My love for you grows stronger...

My heart is burning beyond control
Ur swit memory keeps moving like a river in my soul
If I don't see you my heart will be set ablaze
But if I see you before it is set ablaze,
The river will quench the fire
I'm madly missing you...

The mystery of life!!

As a teenager I was so crazy about love, I had inspiration, I loved literary works like been a presenter, an actress and a writer.

I'm an accountant today but my passion never died, something I have long dreamt for is falling into reality, this is a sweet and wonderful opportunity to show the world my passion, feelings, findings and more in this exclusive world of mine...

I had a lot of poems, fiction, articles about love, life, nature and more...but love was more, that's what kept rolling through my head than any other and I just couldn't look my dad in the face and tell him I want to be a love writer. Lolzz
I was a teenager then and I had to be reading really hard and not talking about love...he just wouldn't wanna hear that...

I made my world today, exclusive tins is my own precious and golden world so please join me here also as we journey through and have wonderful things...

Now let me thrill you with a little from my heart, one of the poems I composed a long…


Wow!!! *shines teeth****** I feel so excited and on top the world because finally I have an opportunity to turn my childhood dreams and fantasies into reality...

I find blogging as the best medium I can use to reach out to the world hence it's fulfilling..

Before I speak further let me give honor and reverence to that supreme being, the Almighty who gives me inspiration. He is my treasure, without Him I can't do anything so I give a shout out 2 HIM "I love you Lord"