GOOD MORNING most amazing blog readers.....hope you had a great night. Just this morning on my way to work i saw this very inspiring story on a whatsapp group. The story is a good one with a great lesson hence i just couldn't wait to share it with you guys.

“My boss drove a luxury car everyday and it was my duty to greet him and to open the gates for him, as I worked as a watchman in his villa. But he never responded back to my greetings.
One day he saw me opening the garbage bags outside the villa in search for any leftover food. But, as usual he never even looked at me, it was like as if he never saw anything!
The very next day I saw a paper bag at the same place, but it was clean and the food inside was covered well. It was fresh and good food like someone had just brought it from the supermarket. I didn't bother as to where it came from, I just took the paper bag and I was so happy about it.
Every day I found this paper bag at the same place with fresh …


Hiya people.....let's enjoy as we watch behind the scenes of ''DRY' 

Are you guys actually interested in this movie? as for me i'm waiting patiently for it cos i think it's gonna be a BOMB!


Hello beautiful people....what's popping! Hmmm make i yan una story ooooo
I was just surfing the net one fateful day then i stumbled on Oriflame and then fell in love with it from all the reviews i got now i've got a special obsession for it. lol
Ok guys....don't mind me, this is a review of the products and i will tell you my honest findings, the ones i haven't tried out i will confess too. Firstly, i hope you guys have heard about Oriflame? It's a designer range of beauty products like cosmetics and skincare, it also have a lot of lovable fragrances ranging from deodorants, perfumes and body spray. It was founded in Sweden by 2 brothers and today it has really expanded into a big brand. The official website of Oriflame Nigeria is so you can check out some of their products.
Use Oriflame products and look beautiful... although i dislike the fact that most of the products looks small but when i started using it i understand that we are talki…


Hiya guys.....i wish i always had all the time to post everyday and then not only the time, good network also. Hallelujah today seems better and i hope many more post on this blog but firstly i have a wishlist which will facilitate more beauty and general post.

When i shared 20 random facts about me. i mention that i always have endless budgets. chai! i'm that real consumer which is spoken of in Economics, when some wishes are finally possessed i still have more i want hence i always keep writing all i want to buy or wish to have and then people around keeps wondering "what is this girl writing" and at times they wanna peep through to see. Ok o instead of peeping let me have it shared on my blog today and here it goes.....

A MAKEUP BOX: who says i need to be a professional makeup artist before i get this makeup box. i love it because i always have my makeup scattered around or stained in my makeup bag. I have this on my budget because it's easier to clean up and also…

MY BEAUTY and pictures

Hello....good morning peeps in the building. *shines teeth* how have you guys been hun?  Let me confess that i've been so lazy to write anything of recent firstly because i lack inspiration and then secondly because i just don't have that sufficient time to construct the right words to write anything lengthy.
So I've been lazy to write and even read.....just don't know why. All i've been doing to occupy me apart from my work at the office, when i'm on my way back from work and in traffic i do nothing but youtube videos on "how to"-makeup like a pro,(some basic tips i never new before), make my hair by myself, make a wig and a lot of DIY. Trust me i've gained a lot from all those videos in fact i don't need to go to a beauty school before i start my makeup job.Don't worry guys i will still share all i've learnt of recent. Lol

Now the spirit of my laziness to write anything serious-i mean stories, fictions, my imaginations, p…


An inspired true story addressing the issues and providing solutions to conditions of child brides in West Africa
LAGOS, NIGERIA(July 2015)— After a successful screening debut in Wales, UK, the critically acclaimed movie ‘Dry’ will premiere nationwide in Nigeria beginningAugust 14th, 2015. Produced, directed, and starring Nollywood’s A-List actress, Stephanie Linus, the film is an inspired true story that follows a trail of Zara’s (played by Stephanie Linus) trip to Africa, her constant turmoil as a result of inexplicable horrors from her child hood, her experiences and heartaches while working with young girls suffering from complications from early child birth as child brides, against the backdrop of a rich African culture. It is full of intrigue, suspense, unbelievable surprises, the joy of reconciliation and the power of the human spirit that is guaranteed to captivate and engage moviegoers.  The film stars: Darwin Shaw as Dr. Alex, the legendary Liz Benson Ameye as the Matron, Bill…


Kreative House Concept and Babahkay of Wazobia TV/radio presents to you the triology of comedy, music and dance tagged Babahkay Uninterrupted! The date is July 26th 2015, venue is Victory Dome Davids Christian Centre behind Amuwo in Festac and the red carpet starts at 3pm.
The Comedy show will feature top notch Comedians like Ali Baba, Bovi, Akpororo, Gordons, Elenu and many more.
Tickets are fast selling on at a highly discounted price. Don’t be left out! Buy your ticket now!

Best Regards,Tonia Odili | PR Supportphone+234 8035519694 | skypeobi.odili
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Hello people i hope ou all had a lovely hols....wishing you a beautiful week ahead.